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"Moasis PATH™ is the leading Location Decision Engine for mobile advertising, utilizing AI technology on the cloud. Tailored for ad agencies, brands, and trading desks, this patented technology enables users to discover opportunities across various locations through location AI. It autonomously tests, learns and improves location-based ad delivery to maximize return on investment. Embrace Moasis PATH™ to eliminate guesswork and unnecessary expenses."


You have better things to do than to analyze complicated patterns or behavior when delivering mobile adverts.  PATH™ AI empowers you and your teams to test, learn, and deploy winning location experiences, every time. 


Many advertisers underestimate the number of actual real-time opportunities that exist.  Let PATH™ AI deliver a higher-resolution where you want and discover opportunities you didn't know existed.  No analytical skills required. 


PATH™ AI real-time in-flight location optimization makes data actionable. Go beyond the limits of border or boundaries as Artificial Intelligence looks at location delivery to determine where best to react anywhere.


Take the guesswork out of mobile advertising success — finally, delivery with rapid learning cycles to maximize performance. Utilize AI  predictive analytics and intelligent automation to formulate data-driven delivery 24-7-365. Let the automation take the work out of your workday. 

Work Is Easier When You're On PATH.

Successful brands and agencies rely on PATH™ AI for mobile advertising to simplify mobile media discovery and delivery, allowing them to focus on their clients.

Brands & Agencies

It is absolutely crucial to automate the "one and done" workflow in order to save time and budget for media planners and clients. PATH™ AI for mobile advertising is instrumental in making this process highly efficient by dynamically adjusting ads during the campaign, eliminating the need to rely on post-campaign data. The AI focuses on delivering ads to the most optimal locations and times to achieve superior results. PATH™ ensures data is actionable by providing real-time adjustments, rather than relying solely on past performance.

Ad Servers

Our powerful AI Location Ad Optimization API middleware seamlessly integrates with your ad-serving ecosystem, empowering you to deliver intelligent location-based ads that significantly enhance campaign performance. With real-time updates on consumer locations and movements, seize the opportunity to make instant ad adjustments while they are in-flight. Our cutting-edge AI decision technology ensures effortless integration with your current environment, providing a straightforward and potent solution for campaign management.


Where Plans

Become Results.

Moasis has developed PATH™ AI to operate like the human brain for mobile advertising, constantly observing, learning, and reacting. By identifying real-time opportunities based on location, PATH™ AI dramatically reduces the time and human resources required to analyze when and where to deliver relevant content to consumers. The need for post-campaign adjustments is eliminated, allowing for a more streamlined process of discovering, launching, and reacting.


Blah, Blah, Blah.

Ready For Aha?

More and more Fortune 500 brands and agencies

use PATH™ to Optimize Opportunities.


Moasis has dedicated over twelve years to rigorous research and development in mobile advertising and has secured more than eighteen patents. Our unwavering mission is to eliminate the disconnect in mobile media delivery by tackling the challenges of discovery and seizing opportunities. We specialize in a specific aspect of time and space, leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics to empower decisive, performance-altering, AI-driven decisions.


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