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Moasis PATH™ is the world's only cloud-based Location Decision Engine powered by AI for ad agencies, brands, and trading desks. The patented technology discovers opportunities everywhere through location AI that automatically tests, learns, and then enhances location ad delivery to achieve the highest return on investment. No more guesswork or waste.


You have better things to do than to analyze complicated patterns or behavior.  PATH™ AI empowers you and your teams to test, learn, and deploy winning location experiences, every time. 


Many advertisers underestimate the number of actual real-time opportunities that exist.  Let PATH™ AI deliver a higher-resolution where you want and discover opportunities you didn't know existed.  No analytical skills required. 


PATH™ AI real-time in-flight location optimization makes data actionable. Go beyond the limits of border or boundaries as Artificial Intelligence looks at location delivery to determine where best to react anywhere.


Take the guesswork out of mobile advertising success — finally, delivery with rapid learning cycles to maximize performance. Utilize AI  predictive analytics and intelligent automation to formulate data-driven delivery 24-7-365. Let the automation take the work out of your workday. 

Work Is Easier When You're On PATH.

PATH AI is the secret weapon of successful brands and agencies by handling all the complicated, time daunting, small stuff involved in mobile media discovery and delivery so you can start focusing on what's truly important - your clients.

Brands & Agencies

Let us automate the where and when for the "one and done" workflow. Media planners hate to waste their time and the client's budget, so we don't make them. PATH™ AI makes in-flight adjustments to your ads serving the most appropriate locations; no more waiting for post-campaign data to make adjustments.  The AI focuses on the delivery of where to help and when.  PATH™ makes data actionable versus chasing history. 

Trading Desk

Combine your programmatic ecosystem with our AI Location Ad Optimization API.  View and enable more intelligent location ad serving and enhance campaign performance.  Finally, deploy a decision making delivery solution based on where consumers are and going in real-time. Any and all ads can now be adjusting in-flight when the opportunity arises. Simple integrations utilizing your environment working with our proprietary AI decision technology. 


Where Plans

Become Results.

PATH™ AI built by Moasis emulates how our brain works and continuously observes, learns, and reacts.   PATH™ AI's ability to discover real-time in-flight opportunities in relation to a location significantly reduces the amount of time and human interaction needed to analyze where and when to deliver relevant content to consumers.
No more waiting for post-campaign adjustment. 

Discover, launch, react and report.


Blah, Blah, Blah.

Ready For Aha?

More and more Fortune 500 brands and agencies

use PATH™ to Optimize Opportunities.


Moasis has been busy—over twelve-plus years of research and development and eighteen-plus patents. We started by wanting to solve the big mobile media delivery disconnect regarding discovery and reacting to opportunity. Moasis focuses on a small aspect concerning time and space sprinkled with predictive and prescriptive analytics for you to greatly impact performance and real-time opportunity AI decisions. 


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